Enrico Carnuccio
1981. Born In Turin, IT 
1996. Degree in Music Theory, Conservatorio G.Verdi. Turin, IT
2017. Masterclass in Visual Storytelling in New Media, International Centre of Photography of New York
since 2017. Freelance photographer and videographer 

2017. Storytelling for the the restaurant Trattoria Valenza (Valenza 1901). Turin, IT
2017. KNO3| Fantasma photographic work exposed in the curated space NoPhoto, Paratissima Art Fair. Turin, IT ​​​​​​​
2018. Short film for the Fashion Atelier Antichi Tessitori (The Sentry). Catanzaro, IT
2019. Assistant director for the film Lucus a Lucendo - A place for light to be, Caucaso Factory. Bologna, IT
2019. Short film for the start-up NostrAEnergy (60Hz). Bologna, IT
2019. Photographer and Videographer for the event Agenda Brasil 2019. Turin, IT
2020. Work in progress - video editing - for the Ceramic Atelier LudiBi (Terra). Turin, IT
2020. Work in progress - video editing - for the hazelnut oil producer Bordino (Gatinjn). Asti, IT 
2020. Andante moderato - A short film about the conditions of the artists in the time of the lockdown due to Corona virus - Supported by Stadt Heidelberg, Deutschland
2020. Promotional video for Papi restaurants in Heidelberg and Mannheim, Deutschland

2017-2019. Ökofast, a short film on the environmental issues in the region Baden-Württemberg. Heidelberg - Mannheim, D
2019 - 202x. Ombre a Mezzogiorno - Work in Progress - A Long documentary film on inner migration phenomena in Italy due to the economic expansion in the 60s - Caucaso Factory production. Bologna, IT
Photographer and visual storyteller.

Since I was a child, I was interested in this strange object that can catch images just looking inside it. I thought that a world was into it and i started playing with the analogue reflex of my father. Later, I discovered that photography is research. It's like a painting and my camera is like a brush.

On the other side, after attending the Masterclass in Visual Storytelling in New Media at the International Center of Photography (NY), I really understood how powerful the video can be. Making a video is like a sculpture. I start from a raw line and I mold my clay until I reach what I want, refining, shaping and smoothing deeply. 

I am a freelance and I work all over the world.
I will be glad to collaborate with you.